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Writing from the High Plains

Online Workshops 2022

What is writing from the High Plains?

To progress in their craft, a writer needs both inspiration and time for new ideas to incubate, crack open and grow. And to explore new artistic territory, a writer sometimes also needs a third element: a bit of pressure. We need risk in order to leave our comfort zones, time zones, hemispheres. A little push off the cliff’s edge. Writing from the High Plains means workshops are immersive, propelling writers toward new work and deeper into pre-existing stories. Our workshops (for now) are all led by Robin McLean.


From March to August 2022, Robin McLean will lead two six-session workshops online. Each workshop will meet on Zoom once a month.


  • Craft-Focused Generative Writing Workshops, starts online on March 19, six intensive generative sessions aimed to improve craft skills important to creative writers. Pick the workshops you want or join all six. See dates and specific topics below. Each workshop is 3 hours, starting 9 am PST on Saturdays.

            Each session is $75, all six for $375.


  • Reading (the Booker Prize ) like-a-Writer starts online on April 6, six deep-dives into reading adventure. These workshops are for writers interested in honing their craft by examining and then experimenting with the fine work of Booker acclaimed authors. We will be reading the 2021 Booker Prize Short Listone book each month. Pick the workshops you want or join all six. See dates and specific books below. Each workshop is 2 hours, starting 4 pm PST on Wednesday evenings.

            Each session is $50, all six for $225.



Craft schedule for Craft-Focused Generative Writing Workshops:

March 19 -- Writing deeper: Mining the deepest depths.

April 16 -- Dialog as your best friend.

May 14 -- Telling not showing. 

June 11 -- "Twilight Knowing" 

July 9 -- Building character.

August 6 -- Playing with Time. 

Reading schedule for Reading (the Booker Prize) Like a Writer:

April 6, reading Patricia Lockwood's, "No One Is Talking About This" 

May 4, reading Nadifa Mohamed's, "The Fortune Men" 

June 1, reading Anuk Arudpragasam's  "A Passage North"

June 29, reading Richard Power's "Bewilderment."

July 27, Maggie Shiptead's "The Great Circle."

August 24, reading (the winner) "The Promise" by Damon Galgu

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Generative & Reading Workshops

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