The valley land is sandy and green with sage, speckled with juniper and Pinyon pine. Higher up in the canyons, the slopes are green with taller pine, low sturdy mountain Mahogany and beautiful quaking aspen.


While hiking here, fossils from ancient sea beds can be found along side arrow heads and broken tools the miners left. The fourth tallest peak in Nevada, Mount Jefferson, tops out at 11,949 feet 20 miles to the south.

Adventuring Nearby

The nearest campground to Ike's is the Pine Creek Campground  20 miles to the south. The hickison petroglyph recreation area is about 30 miles away on highway 50, also much of the  land around the ranch is BLM and forest Service, so people can camp and hike almost anywhere. 

Arc Dome Wilderness and Alta Toquima Wilderness Areas are available to the fleet-of-foot adventurers.


There are caves to explore in the area, also petroglyphs and  the  strange and beautiful wind-sculpted volcanic ash formations in White Rock Canyon to the south. 

Back Story

The landscape is broad, spare and majestic.  It's forbidding to most, but native Americans have lived here for centuries. Prospectors stopped here on the way to and from the California gold fields. cattle ranchers and others followed with the influx of western expansion. When the mines played out and the economy they built crashed,  nearly all small private land parcels were consolidated into two large ranches here in the Monitor Valley. Hence, today there are very few people remaining, though traces of all these prior inhabitants are scattered on the land, visible to any careful observer.

Wild horses, antelope, deer, elk, coyote are common. Rabbits are plentiful. We see tracks for bobcats and mountain lions too, birds abound - from ravens and hawks, to the flashy mountain blue birds, noisy pinyon jays, many species of owls and sage grouse with their spectacular mating dances. Migrations of eagles, herons, and hummingbirds are of great interest to birders.

They kindly allow us to share this land with them.

More on Animals of central Nevada.

Practical Considerations


The roads are here are dirt (actually well- maintained gravel).

To get here, drive your car, or fly into Reno or Las Vegas and rent a car. Let us know when you are arriving, and let us help you plan any way we can.


Due to the roads and distances, visitors need to consider the condition of their car and tires. 


We travel with food and water. People are very friendly here, and they will stop to help you, but you might not see anyone. your cell coverage will not be reliable  once you leave pavement.

You can get GPS directions to the ranch in advance and download them. On AppleMaps use: 3350 Ike's Canyon Road, Manhattan, NV 89022. It will point you in the right direction.

We ask all visitors to let us know what day and time they are coming so we can assure a safe and secure arrival at the ranch.

We have your back.



The ranch is off the power grid and runs almost entirely on solar and hydro power, with a generator as back-up and wind power coming in 2019.

This is all good news except for those who want the use of heat-producing devices such as blow driers or curling irons, which gobble up all the battery power.

Please keep this in mind when packing.

Background photo by Lissa Cowan

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PO Box 847

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Physical address:

3350 Ike's Canyon Road

Manhattan, NV 89022