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Transportation to Ike's

Challenges and solutions

Middle of Nowhere Scenario

Getting to the middle of Nowhere

Many of us are used to the challenges of getting to awesome places in far-off countries. We are not necessarily accustom to the same trouble here in the USA. But it has always been hard to get to Ike's. You have to really want to come and once you are here, you are rewarded for your effort.  the Journey here is just the beginning of your adventure!

We thought we better lay out the options. Real trains, planes, automobiles (and speculative buses). The most obvious options are listed below with best-guesses at cost, as well as a few pros and cons.

We can put fellow writers in need of rides in touch with those in need of riders. 

Drive your own car


Option #1 = Drive yourself

The easiest and (possibly) cheapest.

If you live in Nevada or a neighboring state and you have time for a roadtrip, just drive. While we are on a "dirt road", it's actually gravel and well-maintained, suitable for most vehicles. Check your tires

It's a beautiful trip. When you drive in you will begin to develop the sense of  place.


Option #2 = Las Vegas + Car Rental

Las Vegas is a world tourist destination. There's lots to do there. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but there's great material for writers everywhere you look!

Hotels can also be very cheap, on the weekdays especially, and every big entertainer plays Vegas. You could see a fantastic show.

Once there, you can rent a car, drive alone, or share the driving and sights with one or two members of your  future writing cohort.

A recent travelocity search  suggests  cars rented from and returned to Las Vegas for the week of July 21 - 27, 2019 (for example) would run about $280 per week.

It's a 300 mile drive each way.

It's a beautiful trip north from Las Vegas, big views, passes, sand dunes, ghost towns, saloons, etc. 

Check your tires (you know This already! No "Donuts".)


Option #3 = Reno + car Rental

Reno is a smaller city than Las Vegas, but interesting and cool. Air fares tend to be reasonable but not always as super-cheap as Las Vegas. It is not a crazy city, like Vegas, which can be a draw or not, depending on your mood.

Amtrak stops in Reno. the airport is small and easy to navigate.

Once you've made it to Reno, you can rent a car, and possibly share with another Ike's adventurer.

A recent travelocity search  suggests cars rented from and returned to Reno for the week of July 21 - 27, 2019 (for example) would run about $370 per week.

It's a 250 mile (four-hour) drive from Reno to Ike's, with towns of Fallon (biggish) and Austin (extremely small) on the way.

Check your tires as per previous instructions!

It's a beautiful trip east then south from Reno!

Car Rental / Reno & Vegas

Note on Rental Cars:


You will not use your car much at all once you are at Ike's. For sightseeing while here, we will use one of the Ike's trucks with suitable tires and clearance for the conditions.

Reno + Bus + Ranch Pickup


Option #5 (speculative) = Las Vegas or Reno +  Bus to Tonapah + Ike's Ranch pick-up.

there is sometimes a direct Bus ($40 - $75 each way) between Reno and Las Vegas that drives through Tonapah. Tonapah is only 90 miles from the ranch. but as of this writing, the bus does not officially stop in tonapah. We will keep checking whether they   reintroduce the Tonapah stop for this summer and fall. If so, you can catch that bus from either city, and we will coordinate with you and pick you up in Tonapah for $100 each way.

It's a beautiful trip.

No need to check your tires!

Option #4 = Ike's rents a van.

We can rent a  van to pick you up and drop you off from Reno or Las Vegas. This will cost us about $1000 between the rental and the driving time (10 - 12 hours round trip). That cost would  be divided by all the passengers, so this option would be expensive for a few or cheap(ish) for many.

There are probably other creative options.

contact us to mull it over. We want to help.

Rent a Van
Vegas / Reno + Bus + Ranch Pickup

Option #6 (the best)

Original on

(Check the shoes)

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