2019 Ike's Canyon Residencies for Writers and Poets

June 16 - 29

July 7 – 20

September 1 - 21


As you can see by checking out any satellite night view of North America,  Ike's Canyon Ranch is set in one of the least populated, most remote and wild areas in the contiguous 48 states. It's about 30 miles of dirt road off Nevada state Highway 50, also known as the Loneliest Road in America. Here the noise of the outside world goes quiet, replaced by gentle wind, bird call and the sound of your own thoughts. Still, not everyone wants to come try life in the high plains desert.


The Ike's Canyon residencies are intended for those who do.


The residency is designed to give writers a few weeks of true silence and concentration to dig deeply into their work. Residents will find both solitude and community with a small cohort of other writers sharing the residency.



This is a remote and wild place, and it's important that you understand what to expect before you apply.  Please read all about Ike's  carefully, also Transportation to Ike's, and contact us  with any questions or concerns.

Application materials


There is no cost to apply.


Application materials:

  1. A writing sample (10 pages or less for prose writers, 5 pages for poets.)

  2. A short statement (Less than 200 words) on why an Ike's Canyon Residency will be beneficial to your work.

  3. Contact information for three people who will recommend you.


Bunk and Grub

Sleeping accommodations: There are two bedrooms in the main house. These two bedrooms will be allocated on a first come first served basis. If the Residency is full, two writers will share the 1870's stage stop cabin, which is just feet from the main house.  More cabins are coming in 2020.


Bathrooms are shared.


All Residents will have private writing space.


Food: The nearest restaurant is 68 miles away.  We do not have a license to cook food for you.  We are (as we learned from some Brits) what they call in Europe, "Kitchen available." If you have never heard of this, we apologize for the unconventionality. It's just part of the middle of nowhere thing. The good news is that you know you will be eating food you like. prepare it on your own schedule.


For your food here, we offer three options.


1) You Bring your food.


2) you send us a list of the food you want and we will get it for you. There are fantastic grocery stores in Reno and we can get just about anything there. You would reimburse us for the tab.


3) we have a menu of pre-prepared costco meals in our freezer. We will send you a list of meals with their prices. you can pick them for your stay and we will tack on the cost.

we often sit down to meals with guests here, "family style". We all can take part in group preparation of meals, if that appeals. Ike's will do the clean up. it's totally up to you.


We will "go to town" for supplies at least once during your residency, so we can restock you. Our kitchen is fully equipped and fully stocked with staples (spices, oils, other basics, fresh eggs if the chickens are feeling up to it.) There is plenty of pantry, refrigerator and freezer space.



$1,850 for two-week residencies

$2,725 for three-week residencies


You will be notified of acceptance within a month of the date of your application. Once accepted, a $300 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your residency. The cost of the residency does not include transportation to the ranch. Please visit our transportation to Ike's page to decide the best way to get here.

if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Payment Policy

​The full cost of the residency is due six weeks Prior to the start date of the residency and is non-refundable 30 prior to the start date. If you need to cancel before 30 days of the start date of the residency, you will get a full refund minus the deposit.

We accept payment by  PayPal,  major credit cards and personal checks.

We value our privacy and we will value yours. Your information will be kept private.