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 the american west

We suggest you plan your trip with time to spare. Take a roadtrip and see some of American's natural wonders while in the neighborhood. There are too many combinations of fantastic trips to list here. But get the  old map out.  Turn the pages and image, then build a circuit of national parks for yourself beginning or ending at ike's.

Below is Jerry's chart of the distances from Ike's. They May be helpful. Don't be intimidated. Everything is far here. Some are more far and some are less. Just don't miss this chance to witness this astonishing part of our beautiful world.

a few places of Interest & Distances from Ike's

Area 51 (Rachael, Nv)

Belmont, Nv (ghost town - old county seat of Nye County)  

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah                                      


Carson City, Nv  

Death Valley National Park

Diana's Punch Bowl (extinct guyser hot spring)  

Elko, Nv (home of cowboy poetry)  

Grand Canyon National Park  

Great Basin National Park  

Lake Tahoe  

Las Vegas, Nv  

Pony Express Trail  

Reno, Nv    

Round Mountain Gold Mine

Salt Lake City, Ut    

San Francisco, Ca

The Lost Sheba Mine  

Yosemite National Park

Zion National Park                                  

                                                          150 mi

40 mi

400 mi 

215 mi

230 mi

 7 mi

180 mi

520 mi

225 mi 
We're  in it !


270 mi

300 mi


40 mi

250 mi

 75 mi

400 mi

430 mi

2 mi

250 mi

380 mi

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