2019 Workshops @ Ike's 

July 21 - 27
September 22 – 28 
October 6 - 12
Workshop Philosophy

To progress at our craft, a writer needs both inspiration and time for new ideas to incubate, crack open and grow. For this reason, our workshops are set in spectacular and varying locations, places to help us time travel, shape-shift and dream new dreams, since these are all activities writers aim to be proficient in.


But to explore new artistic territory, to excite ourselves and ignite our work,  a writer also needs a third element: a bit of pressure. We need risk in order to leave our comfort zones. So, while being fun and relaxed, workshops here at Ike’s are designed to give your writing a little push off a cliff’s edge.

Through a series of craft exercises and approaches, the workshops are intended to open hidden doorways that, we believe, are already awaiting you in your writing. Once there, we will adventure deeper in. We will aim to explore and learn to exploit these unmapped landscapes. On the way, we will seek to dismantle the barriers to writing in ways we most aspire to.

In the vast and powerful landscapes here at Ike’s — as well as the ancient, mythic and historic landscapes in Old Europe and Crete — your work, whatever style or genre it is, will shift and grow.

The workshops are open to all levels of experience.

Choose a workshop

Silk gowns and Cowboy hats

A generative workshop

@ Ike's July 21 - 27


5.5 Days of Flash

Generative Fiction Workshop

At Ike's - October 6 - 12


Novel & Memoir Intensive

Project workshop

At Ike's - September 22 – 28


Chania, Crete & Prague

High Plains Writing on the road

Crete - Oct 27 - Nov 2

Prague, Czech Republic - Nov. 3 - 8

Day in the Writing Life at Ike's

During a typical day participants will meet together all morning around the big table in the main house. We will have lunch at 1 pm and then the writers will all go about their business, writing, special projects engendered by the morning's work, hiking, resting by the pond, walking, or - every writer's favorite - reading on the big porch.

Or go back to your snug bed in the stone cabin or one of the bedrooms, and rest!

We will reconvene for an hour in the late afternoon.

You can expect the workshops here to knock you out of your writing routine, to engender new and surprising work, and to give you permission and space to expand. Our time together will also be supportive, liberating and fun. We will be aimed at improving your writing processes with an eye toward stepping closer to your writing goals, whatever they are: self-exploration, artistic experimentation, and / or publication.

In 2019, all the workshops will be led by Robin Mclean.

In July and September, workshop participants will also get to work with acclaimed visiting writers Rebecca Starks (july) and Lenore Myka (September), who will be joining our community then.


Workshops will be limited to 4 -6 participants.



This is a remote and wild place, and it's important that you understand what to expect before you apply.  Please read all about Ike's  carefully, also Transportation to Ike's, and contact us with any questions or concerns.


Costs for all one week workshops at Ike's: $1750 and does not include meals.

A $350 non-refundable deposit is require to hold your spot.

The workshops include a full week's lodging at Ike's. See Bunk & Grub below for details.

if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


Bunk and Grub

Sleeping accommodations: There are two bedrooms in the main house. These two bedrooms will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. If the workshop is full, two writers will share the 1870's stage stop cabin, which is just feet from the main house.  More cabins are coming in 2020.


Bathrooms are shared.


All participants will have private writing space. If we have couples we can have up to six people.

Food: The nearest restaurant is 68 miles away.  We do not have a license to cook food for you.  We are (as we learned from some Brits) what they call in Europe, "Kitchen available." If you have never heard of this, we apologize for the unconventionality. It's just part of the middle of nowhere thing. The good news is that you know you will be eating food you like.


Here are the three options for your meals here during your stay. 


1) You Bring your food.


2) Send us a list of the food you want and we will get it for you. There are fantastic grocery stores in Reno and we can get just about anything there. You would reimburse us for the tab.


3) we have a menu of pre-prepared costco meals in our freezer. We will send you a list of meals with their prices. you can pick them for your stay and we will tack on the cost.

Dinners: We aim for dinners to be fun and festive end of day group gatherings, all of us around the big table.  We will do some "dinner choreography" with the group prior to the workshop.


Ike's will do all the clean up.

Our kitchen is fully equipped and fully stocked with staples (spices, oils, other basics, fresh eggs if the chickens are feeling up to it.)  There is plenty of pantry, refrigerator and freezer space. 

Cost of the workshop does not include transportation to Ike's.  There are no stores or restaurants for 68 miles, so bring everything you know you will need!

Payment Policy

A $350 non-refundable deposit is required to apply to a workshop. ​The full cost of the Workshop is due six weeks Prior to the start date of the workshop and is non-refundable 30 prior to the start date. If you need to cancel before 30 days of the start date of the workshop, you will get a full refund minus the deposit.

We accept payment by  PayPal,  major credit cards and personal checks.

We value our privacy and we will value yours. Your information will be kept private.

 Workshop Descriptions

Silk Gowns and Cowboy Hats

July 21 - 27, 2019 @ Ike's

We think people write kind of as they dress – with a particular style that they barely think about. But sometimes our style limits us. We need some other way to express what we want to get at. In this workshop we will be subversive. Using a variety of craft exercises we will attempt to turn our usual writing style upside down, find ourselves constructing lines we didn't know we could write.


With new tools, we hope participants go away from the week comfortable with new ways into their work, and with fresh techniques to stimulate and open their short prose beyond the tried-and-true.

$1750 for this one week session.


Novel and Memoir writing is an arduous journey. We each have to go it alone most of the time. In this workshop, we will embark as comrades into your novel's hidden passageways. Through a series of craft exercises and approaches we will open the doors and go in together, exploring territory that is yet unmapped.


The aim of this workshop is to re-ignite your project, to dive deep into areas that you can continue to develop when the workshop is over.

$1750 for this one week session.

Novel & Memoir Intensive

Sept. 22 - 28, 2019 @ ike's


In our short time together, you will write and edit five new works of flash. New work will be triggered by a series of challenges and experiments, by your new environment in this desert landscape, and by each other. This workshop will be intense for all of us and result in polished and innovative work, with the eye to submission for publication.


$1750 for this one week session.

5.5 Days of Flash

October 6 - 12 @ Ike's