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Silk Gowns and Cowboy Hats

June 26- August 1, 2020 

Workshop Leader: Robin McLean

Ike's Canyon Ranch

Image by Daniil Vnoutchkov
We think people write kind of as they dress – with a particular style that they barely think about. But sometimes our style limits us. We need some other way to express what we want to get at. In this workshop we will be subversive. Using a variety of craft exercises we will attempt to turn our usual writing style upside down, find ourselves constructing lines we didn't know we could write.


With new tools, we hope participants go away from the week comfortable with new ways into their work, and with fresh techniques to stimulate and open their short prose beyond the tried-and-true.

$1200 for this one week session.

Cost included six nights accommodation at Ike's Canyon Ranch, but does not include transportation to and from the ranch. contact us for transportation information.

Sleeping accommodations at Ike's: There are two Private bedrooms in the main house allocated on a first come first served basis. If the workshop is full, two writers will share the 1870's stage stop cabin, which is just feet from the main house. 


Bathrooms are shared.


All Residents will have private writing space.


Food:  Light breakfast will be provided. Writers will bring there own lunch supplies, and ingredients to make one meal during the week for the whole group.  

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