What is a

High Plains Writing Generative Workshop?


People kind of write as they dress – with a particular style that they barely think about. But sometimes our style limits us. We need some other way to express what we want to get at.


In A High Plains workshop we will be subversive. Using a variety of craft exercises we will turn our usual writing style upside down, find ourselves constructing lines we didn't know we could write.


With new tools, participants will go away from the week comfortable with new ways into their work, and with fresh techniques to stimulate and open their short prose beyond the tried-and-true.


Monsters, Tales & Going

to the Dark side

We live in strange times. On one hand, we in the 21st Century claim to prize logic and rationality above all else; in our college classrooms, in our Fortune 50 boardrooms and in our civic debates over immigration, climate change and other vexing moral and ethical issues, our society seeks empirical data and proof. Yet in the popular and artistic media the irrational is booming! We are obsessed, it seems, with zombies and vampires, magic and tall tales. Why? Is there something in us that craves the balance of light and darkness? Whatever the reason, short fiction writers should rejoice over the surging interest in the modern fairy tale. Fairy tales—the oldest form of the short story—have always provided an artistic and intellectual space to explore what logic and reason cannot, the unspoken possibilities inherent in human beings.

In this workshop, through a series of exercises, we will leave reality in the dust. We will explore the fairy tale as a highly relevant, accessible, fun and liberating modern form of the short story. In doing so, we will see how this form can enlighten us about the light and dark sides of ourselves.

Workshop early bird fee is 90€.


Participants may register for workshops without attending the conference.


Please note that participants attending the workshops need to arrive on the 22nd of June.

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The  international Conference for the Short Story in English is a biannual gathering of scholars and writers interested in the short story. 


Home Sweet Home @ Ike's

June 26- August 1, 2020 

Workshop Leader: Robin McLean

Ike's Canyon Ranch

This is a Six-day Generative Workshop.
Up to 6 participants.
Early Bird Cost = $1200
If you sign up before March 15
 After March 15 = $1350 per person
A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a space

Exploring other Hemispheres

Session 1:  Upside down? Right side Up?

November 8   -  14, 2020

Workshop Leader: Robin McLean

Just outside Melbourne, Australia


Mailing address:

PO Box 847

Eureka, NV 89316

Physical address:

3350 Ike's Canyon Road

Manhattan, NV 89022