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Sleeping accommodations: There are two bedrooms in the main house. These two bedrooms will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. If the workshop is full, two writers will share the 1870's stage stop cabin, which is just feet from the main house.  More cabins are coming in 2020.


Bathrooms are shared.


All participants will have private writing space. If we have couples we can have up to six people.

Food: The nearest restaurant is 68 miles away.  We do not have a license to cook food for you.  We are (as we learned from some Brits) what they call in Europe, "Kitchen available." If you have never heard of this, we apologize for the unconventionality. It's just part of the middle of nowhere thing. The good news is that you know you will be eating food you like.


Here are the three options for your meals here during your stay. 


1) You Bring your food.


2) Send us a list of the food you want and we will get it for you. There are fantastic grocery stores in Reno and we can get just about anything there. You would reimburse us for the tab.


3) we have a menu of pre-prepared costco meals in our freezer. We will send you a list of meals with their prices. you can pick them for your stay and we will tack on the cost.

Dinners: We aim for dinners to be fun and festive end of day group gatherings, all of us around the big table.  We will do some "dinner choreography" with the group prior to the workshop.


Ike's will do all the clean up.

Our kitchen is fully equipped and fully stocked with staples (spices, oils, other basics, fresh eggs if the chickens are feeling up to it.)  There is plenty of pantry, refrigerator and freezer space. 

Cost of the workshop does not include transportation to Ike's.  There are no stores or restaurants for 68 miles, so bring everything you know you will need!

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